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Happy Anniversary To The Daily Caller And Me

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Five years ago this week, I got an e-mail from an insane television pundit with an offer of employment. I accepted. Within three weeks I moved to DC, a month after that some really bad stuff happened to me, I spent a couple of years recovering from my injuries, and eventually I got fed up with that place and moved back to America. Thanks to the continuing support of Tucker and Neil, five years later I’m still entertaining dozens of readers.

To commemorate the occasion, I tried to find my very first post here at the Daily Caller. It seems to have disappeared, probably at the hands of some shadowy conspiracy or another. Certain truths are not meant to be known.

Instead, I treat you now to the greatest song by the greatest band of the 20th Century:

Happy Anniversary to me! And to you too, I suppose, if you happen to have some sort of anniversary. I really can’t be bothered with every little thing.

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