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Readers Unload On Mother Jones For Pushing Bogus ‘1 in 5’ Rape Stat

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Oh, Mother Jones. Do you guys read over there?

The Justice Dept. recently released new stats showing that say that .6 percent of female college students reporting rape or assaulted. Not the 1 in 5 that was previously reported. If facts even matter here, even Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) recently removed the National Institute of Health Campus Sexual Assault Study statistic from her website. Her spokesman, Glen Caplin, however, refused to comment to Politico on why it was removed.

Still, Mother Jones persists in reporting the debunked statistic. And readers are butchering them for it. We’re pointing you to the more outspoken, colorful readers in the bunch.

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The best in reactions…

1. Mr. Sugar Butt (my personal favorite) was extremely scolding: “Mother Jones, this statistic has been debunked.” Mr. Sugar Butt later added to another reader who refuses to share his stance, “Facts be damned, you vow to remain ingorant, gullible, and misled. Good luck with that.” After his foe said “goodbye” Mr. Sugar Butt continued, “I’m not ignorant, gullible, and misled. I use this tool called Google. You should try it.” That didn’t go so well. He soon added, “Awwww. Poor little baby. Too much truth, so you blocked me? #pussy”

2. Instapundit: “@MotherJones Really, you’re still peddling that 1-in-5 statistic? Even Kirsten Gillibrand has scrubbed it from her website.”

3. Matt O’Brien: “One in five Mother Jones stories bases itself on discredited information. Just one percent are true.”

4. Scott Goldstein: “@MotherJones How is it STILL FUCKING lost on you that deluding statistics of real assaults with ginned-up nonsense hurts real victims?”

5. Quincy Bailey: “Motherless Jones.”

6. John Rivers: “Hey this a fucking lie, you fucking liars.”