The Obama Administration And Race-Baiting Pundits Are Paving The Way For National Policing

Deputy Matt Deputy Sheriff
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Well America, the “change” you voted for is here. Six years ago, you voted into office a community organizer who vowed to change America. That same community organizer, while campaigning, argued for a “civilian national security force.” But how can you create a national force when we already have local agencies?

Easy, you sow distrust in the local cops until the divide is so great, people start clamoring for the feds to come to the rescue. It sounds like the backstory to some cheesy movie of a dystopian future — only problem is, this is exactly what we are seeing happen right now, right here.

I’ve been a cop for 18 years. I grew up wanting to be a cop. When I was a kid in the late ‘70s and ‘80s, I did not know anyone who hated or feared the cops. In high school, I had friends in some of the most crime ridden neighborhoods of the city, and none of them feared the cops, none hated the cops. Sure, we all were nervous when we got pulled over, but that was the extent of our distrust. Today, going into some of those same neighborhoods, this time wearing a uniform, the feeling is distinctly different. The anti-cop sentiment has never been stronger in my lifetime than it is right now. But what got us here?

My first piece for the Daily Caller was in response to a question posed by Tucker Carlson: How has all the publicity surrounding the shooting in Ferguson, MO affected how you do your job? The resulting article, “Trust Me, Ferguson Changed Everything” was a quick look at the immediate backlash I was experiencing 1900 miles from Ferguson itself.

The problem with my perspective in that article is that the groundwork was being laid long before Mike Brown robbed that liquor store. The groundwork goes back to very early in Obama’s presidency (just 7 months to be precise) when his contempt for current American law enforcement first appeared in full force. Obama very publicly displayed his contempt on national television, when he announced to all the world, admittedly without knowing the full story, that “Cambridge Police acted stupidly” and out of racism.

Since then, Obama has repeatedly injected his opinion, very publicly, into a number of police issues, every time bringing race into the issue. His race baiting buddies Al Sharpton and Eric Holder are all too happy to play along. The Trayvon Martin incident is a perfect example. A Hispanic man shot and killed a black teenager who was attacking him. Obama went on national TV once again butting into the situation, insinuating the cops did not arrest Zimmerman due to racism, and then Obama turned Holder and the DOJ loose on the small Florida department.

The handling of the Martin case caused the first huge backlash against law enforcement. The useful idiots came out in droves and protested racist cops. Sharpton marched in the streets with the protesters calling for justice, and the dim witted masses played along and soaking it up.

Fast forward two years. Mike Brown, the “gentle giant” committed a strong arm robbery shortly before physically attacking a police officer. He tried to take the cop’s gun and was “murdered in cold blood while trying to surrender” — except that both the physical evidence and majority of the witness statements said that was BS. He was attacking the cop who shot in self-defense.

When word of the incident hit the media, including the televised lies of Brown’s crime partner, along came the usual race pimps. Al Sharpton was all over it. Obama spoke up many times, sending condolences to the parents of the poor, mistaken, murdered black youth. In fact, Obama personally called Brown’s grieving mother and spoke to her to express his sympathy. Obama immediately unleashed Eric Holder and the DOJ, sending them to investigate the racist white cops. Sharpton led “peaceful protests” during which no laws were broken, there was no looting, or violence, or arson, or assaults, or shootings, or vandalism, or attacks on the cops. And those horrible, racist cops did the unthinkable, like put on riot gear and attacked the “peaceful protesters” using their “tanks” and “militarized gear.”

The Governor of Missouri, Democrat Jay Nixon, 10 days after the shooting called for a thorough investigation into the incident to determine if criminal charges were merited —  or was it, “vigorous prosecution must now be pursued”?

Obama, in a very public middle finger raised directly to American law enforcement, sent representatives of the federal government to attend the funeral of a thug killed while violently attacking a cop. Throngs of celebrities and race baiters also attended the services.

Two short months later, out here in my neck of the woods, two cops were murdered and another wounded by a convicted felon, who was a Mexican citizen in this country illegally after having been deported numerous times. One of the cops, Deputy Danny Oliver, a white guy, was married to a very strong, successful businesswoman, who is black.  Did she receive a phone call from Obama expressing his sorrow at her loss, at the country’s loss of a hardworking man who gave his life protecting his community? Did Obama send representatives to attend Danny’s funeral? Not a peep.

A month after Danny’s funeral, when the grand jury decision to not file charges against Officer Wilson in Ferguson, MO was made public, the “peaceful protests” once again resumed. The “gentle giant”’s mother’s boyfriend (not his stepdad) climbed up onto a car and called for non-violent protests using calming words like “burn this bitch down!” Of course, he said that after saying “Nah, if I get up there, I’m going to start a riot,” just before climbing onto that car.

The day after that, the Washington Post published an article written by a former police lieutenant who called for disbanding small, local agencies in favor of one large, state controlled law enforcement agency per state. I wrote a response to that article listing a great number of reasons why the idea won’t result in the changes the author cites as reasons to create those state agencies.

Ten days after the Ferguson grand jury declined to file charges against Officer Wilson, a Long Island grand jury in New York decided not to file charges against the officer in the “chokehold death” (that wasn’t) of Eric Garner. More “peaceful protests” ensued, and marches organized by none other than Al Sharpton himself took place in DC and NYC. Sharpton attended the march in DC where “marchers demanding that federal laws be enacted to curb local and state police agencies use of force rules.” Meanwhile, the related march in NYC happened, hundreds of the attendees chanted for a nonviolent approach saying, “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!”

The day after the Long Island grand jury declined to file charges, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio went on TV and decried all the centuries of racism on the part of law enforcement and says he will make sure that the entire NYPD receives proper training on how to be less racist (paraphrased).  In fact, his statements were so poorly received, his words met swift criticism by the working men and women of the NYPD, who called for a ban on the mayor attending any police funerals.

Well, after months of “peaceful protests,” with all of the regular race baiters spewing their “evil, oppressive, racist cop” rhetoric ad nauseam, the chickens are coming home to roost.

On December 20, 2014, Ismaaiyl Brinsley executed two NYPD cops while they sat in their patrol car. He came up from behind and shot them both in the head. He fled on foot and as the cops closed in, and his final act of cowardice was to put a bullet in his own head. Before this worthless excuse for a human went about committing his crimes, he posted a picture on Instagram and very clearly announced his intentions to exact revenge on the racist cops. He then went out and killed an Asian and a Hispanic officer in cold blood.

After the cowardly murder of the two, non-white NYPD officers, Mayor de Blasio again went on TV, this time to express his sorrow at the loss of two of the men whom he was speaking badly about only weeks before. I’m sure his condolences were well received…

On that same day, a California Highway Patrol officer on the opposite coast was attacked by a 17 year old wielding a machete. The officer was struck numerous times in the hand, forearm and face before finally shooting the suspect, who later died of his wounds. In keeping with the media war on law enforcement, the local TV news headline was “CHP officer shoots and kills teen.” All of the online articles I have found while writing this at least mention the officer was attacked, but even then some do not mention a weapon, and none that I have found expand on the amount of injuries the officer suffered, saying at best his injuries were “severe.”

Al Sharpton later that day, with all the sincerity of a sociopathic serial killer apologizing for killing a kitten, tweeted his condolences to the families of the two murdered NYPD officers. You’ll excuse me if I don’t accept his heartfelt sympathy, but what happened yesterday is a direct result of his actions, and the actions of all the other race baiters up to and including Obama himself. They have been brewing a race war between law enforcement and their useful idiots, and that pot is coming to a boil.

Again the same day, technically in the early hours of the following morning, a Florida officer was shot and killed by a solo suspect while investigating a noise complaint. The suspect fled the scene, crashed, and is now in custody. None of the reports I have read indicate a motive, but it is still early in the investigation. Based on what little information is in the stories I have read, it is quite possible this was a setup/ambush attack on the cops.

Yesterday while driving my squad car to a call for service, a guy in a working man’s pickup, lumber rack and tool boxes, pulled up next to me at a red light and rolled his window down. He struck me as a hardworking man, salt of the earth type, and was wearing American flag suspenders, I immediately liked him. He looked like he had something to say so I rolled my window down to talk to him, expecting him to tell me about something he just witnessed needing police attention. Instead, he said to me, “We need to work on educating the American people.” Having no idea what he was talking about, I asked him what he meant. He responded, “They need to remember that if you don’t resist arrest, you won’t get hurt.”

This man, and that view, represents the view of the silent majority here in the U.S.  That silent majority who understand robbing, stealing, assaulting people and just committing crime in general is bad and should not be tolerated.

To that silent majority in America, who do not fear or hate their cops, who appreciate our efforts to keep society safe, who understand committing crimes is wrong and resisting arrest can lead to getting hurt, the time to speak up is now. The very vocal minority has been screaming long and loud, and now their words are becoming a reality. If you want to see local law enforcement become a thing of the past, by all means remain silent. What is the worst that could happen? A national police force is never a bad thing, right?