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“Mommy, yesterday I learned The 12 Days of Christmas and I’m going to sing it to you” + hangover = real holiday talk

Washingtonian‘s Kate Bennett

Gwen Ifill’s bro was on Jeopardy! 

“And yes if you’re watching #Jeopardy that IS my brother on tonight!” — PBS’ Gwen Ifill, earlier this week.



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White privilege at a glance

“Yes me and my white privilege. Which part of my upbringing was privileged? My dead parents in my teens, growing up in a trailer park or…?” — Bethany Mandel, Heritage freelancer and Commentary alum.

The Observer

“Honestly: not paying his taxes is probably the BEST thing about Al Sharpton.” — Lee Stranahan, filmmaker and ex-Breitbartian.

It’s Christmas Eve everybody! 

“Here is a friendly reminder that I hate every one of you.” — BuzzFeed‘s Samir Mezrahi.

And now…a moment of gratitude 

“Dear Universe, Thank you for today.” — Defense One‘s editor-in-chief Kevin Baron.

A real Salon headline: “Why anal sex is rapidly becoming a common part of Americans’ sex lives”

Cute Convo Between Two “Journos” 

Weiner is the ex-congressman who had phone sex with a bunch of women, lied about it, and took pictures of his johnson at the gym. Hunter Walker works for Business Insider. Weiner has a column for Business Insider. Weiner and Hunter are coworkers. 

ANTHONY WEINER: “Trying to keep up. do i have to file my next column on a napkin for some reason? @hunterw @joshgreenman @BuzzFeedBen

HUNTER WALKER: “@anthonyweiner You can file it however you want. I fear if I say anything else @BuzzFeedBen might try to steal you away.”

Speaking of fat booties…

“Drinking Ike’s eggnog, which will make your booty fat.” — Neal Dewing, senior editor, The Federalist.

A journo apologizes

“My sincere apologies to *both* the @freebeacon and the @dcexaminer for saying @SonnyBunch worked at the Examiner on @SpecialReport” — NationalReviewOnline’s Jonah Goldberg. To which Washington Free Beacon‘s Sonny Bunch replied, “Oh, it’s fine. As long as you got *my* name right. #NarcissistTweets @freebeacon @dcexaminer @SpecialReport