‘Let’s Move!’ Director: Obama Diet ‘Top Secret’

Scott Greer Contributor
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Barack and Michelle Obama’s departing personal chef isn’t about to spill the beans about what the First Family may or may not eat, indicating their diet is “top secret.”

Sam Kass, along with cooking dishes for the Obamas, helped create Michelle Obama’s much criticized “Let’s Move!” program in his capacity as “senior nutrition policy expert.” Let’s Move! was designed to curb childhood obesity through more nutritious lunches and increased exercise activities.

But nearly 75 percent of children still don’t get an adequate amount of exercise and childhood obesity rates have only continued to grow since the implementation of Let’s Move in 2010. (RELATED: Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ Campaign Fails Miserably)

While the Obama family stresses knowing the diets of all American children, they like to keep their own food choices out of the public eye. When Kass was asked by The Associated Press about what the Obamas like to eat, he said it was “top secret” — in spite of no longer being on their payroll. Kass turned in his apron Thursday, but will still stay on as Let’s Move’s executive director.

Kass still gushed over the First Family and considered his six years serving them as the “greatest job.”

“I love this family and believe in everything the president and first lady are doing and this has been the greatest job of my life and I assume will be the greatest job of my life,” the chef told the AP.

Kass said that he is leaving his dream job to spend more time with his wife, MSNBC host Alex Wagner.

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