Jason Riley: Al Sharpton Has Become ‘A Star In The Democratic Party’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Following up on former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s criticism of Al Sharpton Sunday, Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Riley railed against Sharpton’s elevated standing by the Obama administration Monday night on “Special Report.”

Riley said Sharpton is a new-found “star in the Democratic Party” given his access to President Obama and his proximity to Mayor Bill de Blasio despite his irresponsible behavior “over the past three decades.”

“It’s not just Bill de Blasio. Bill de Blasio could turn around and say Al Sharpton is welcome at the White House, why are you blaming me for using him as an adviser?” Riley questioned.

“This starts with the president of the United States legitimizing the Al Sharptons of the world who, again, have made a name for themselves bashing cops and blaming whites in general for all that ails the black community,” Riley told guest host Ed Henry.

“You have — Al Sharpton has become a star in the Democratic Party despite all of this irresponsibly behavior over the past three decades,” Riley continued. “Again, it is of no benefit to the people Al Sharpton claims to be representing, which is is the black poor.”