Obama ‘Frustrated’ Democrats Didn’t Run On His ‘Great Record’ In 2014 [VIDEO]

Derek Hunter Contributor
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In an interview with National Public Radio, President Obama said he “can always do better in every aspect of his job” in dealing with congressional Republicans.

Asked if there was anything he planned to do differently in his approach to Congress in his final 2 years — now that Republicans control both the House and the Senate — the president didn’t directly answer.

“I think the circumstances will have changed, though,” he said. “I’m obviously frustrated with the results of the midterm election. I think we had a great record for members of Congress to run on, and I don’t think we – myself and the Democratic Party – made as good of a case as we should have. And, as a consequence, we had really low voter turnout and the results were bad.”

By adding “the Democrats” to a question about himself, President Obama took a veiled shot at Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee. Tensions have been high between the White House and the national party head for some time.

While dodging answering what he will do differently, Obama also went after Republicans.

“Now you’ve got Republicans in a position where it’s not enough for them to simply to grind the wheels of Congress to a halt and then blame me,” Obama said. “They are gonna be in a position in which they have to show that they can responsibly govern, given that they have significant majorities in both chambers.”

The president didn’t mention, and NPR didn’t ask, about the more than 300 bills passed by the Republican controlled House of Representatives that outgoing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Democrat from Nevada, did not allow to come up for a vote in 2014.