Mike Allen On Hillary: Dems ‘Just Aren’t Satisfied’ With Her, ‘There’s A Hunger For Something Else’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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In an appearance on “Morning Joe” Tuesday, Politico’s Mike Allen said Democrats “just aren’t satisfied” with Hillary Clinton and her potential candidacy. Allen mentioned the likes of liberal-favorite Elizabeth Warren and Jim Webb, who already announced the formation of an exploratory committee for 2016, as alternatives receiving solid buzz.

Allen also told guest host Mike Barnicle that while a potential Hillary campaign won’t be stopped financially, it could be beat in “excitement.” Allen added that among Democrats, “there is a hunger for something else.”

“Nobody is going to beat her in money, but certainly someone could beat her in excitement. So that’s what the Hillary Clinton camp is watching. Jim Webb is someone who has gotten a lot of good buzz, Elizabeth Warren,” Allen told Barnicle.

“People just aren’t satisfied with Hillary Clinton,” Allen said. “Once she’s running and has a message, this may die down. But at the moment, there’s a hunger for something else.”