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OUT: ‘Go Away, Cops!’ IN: ‘Where Did You Go, Cops?’

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For months now, all we’ve heard about is how horrible the police are. We’ve got to do something about all these awful police. Down with the police.

Now two NYPD patrolmen have been gunned down in the street, and the Mayor of New York City is talking about his own men like some kind of invading force.

And how are the cops reacting? NY Post:

Arrests plummet 66% with NYPD in virtual work stoppage

Are they doing the right thing? I don’t think so. Yes, they have an impossible job, and yes, they’re getting it from all sides right now. They’re getting gunned down in the street, and de Blasio is kicking them when they’re down.

But they swore an oath, and if they can’t uphold that oath, they shouldn’t be drawing a paycheck.

Of course, I’m not one of the geniuses who’s been screaming about the police all year. Like this mental giant at the perfectly titled blog Crooks & Liars:


In your case, Susie, that assumes facts not in evidence.

Lefties whine when the cops don’t leave them alone.
Lefties whine when the cops do leave them alone.
Lefties whine. That’s what they do. That’s all they do.

Just watch.

In closing, I’d like to apologize in advance for the rude language in the following exchange. But without it, the full quote loses some of its power:



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