Another Professor Demands Repeal Of Second Amendment

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A professor of conflict resolution at Portland State University has written a blistering editorial calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment.

The professor is Tom H. Hastings. His op-ed was published last week in the Wisconsin Gazette, which describes itself as “progressive” and “alternative” (and available “in over 600 statewide locations!”).

“It is long past time to repeal the stupid Second Amendment,” the taxpayer-funded professor argues, because the “pandemic of sick violence, punctuated by mass killings of children, has gone on far, far too long.”

Hastings, who also a directs a group called PeaceVoice, opines that the Supreme Court made a terrible mistake in 2008 when it ruled in “District of Columbia v. Heller” that the Second Amendment allows private citizens to buy and keep guns for self-defense.

“Now when a city or state wants to outlaw firearms, too bad,” Hastings complains. “The conservatives took away their powers and rights in favor of Big Brother.”

“Big Brother” in this case is the Constitution, which via the Second Amendment prevents states and Congress from enacting laws which infringe on the right to bear arms.

“The only logical path, given the clearly decided role of the Second Amendment, is to repeal it,” Hastings demands. “American people are tired of mass shootings and police shootings and family feud shootings and sibling shootings and accidental toddler shootings and teen suicide by gun (highly popular).”

“Repeal the Stupid Second Amendment. Surround it, grab it, bring it in the back room, pull down the shades, and end it,” the conflict resolution professor also clamors.

On Facebook, Hastings likes Occupy the Pentagon, Stop Recruiting Kids (which complains about the military recruitment in schools), Black Lives Matter, and The Hippie Lifestyle.

Hastings has also written in The Huffington Post demanding free health care and bemoaning the fact that nuclear weapons still exist.

Portland State University, Hastings’s employer, is most famous as a place where grunge-era hanger-on Courtney Love occasionally attended some classes. The school is currently consigned to unranked status by U.S. News and World Report.

Hastings is far from the first obscure academic to call for the abolition of the Second Amendment.

In November 2013, for example, a full-time professor on the faculty of the newly-minted Texas A&M University School of Law called for the repeal and replacement of the Second Amendment. (RELATED: Texas A&M Law Prof Says It’s Time To Repeal Second Amendment)

“Unfortunately, drastic times require drastic measures,” the professor, Mary Margaret “Meg” Penrose, said at a symposium on gun control and the Second Amendment at the University of Connecticut School of Law in Hartford.

“I think the Second Amendment is misunderstood and I think it’s time today, in our drastic measures, to repeal and replace that Second Amendment,” the Aggie professor urged.

The latest polling data from Gallup suggests that just 26 percent of Americans want a ban on handguns.

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