Timberwolves’ Rookie Andrew Wiggins Soars For Sky-High Alley-Oop [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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The Timberwolves rookie-forward Andrew Wiggins is the next “It” guy in the NBA.

Wiggins was selected first-overall in the 2014 draft by Cleveland before a blockbuster trade sent him to Minnesota, and the 19-year is definitely living up to the hype. Recently, Kobe Bryant said that seeing Wiggins is like seeing “a reflection of myself 19 years ago.”

Still, I don’t remember the Black Mamba having this kind of bounce in his rookie campaign. Check out the hops Wiggins put on display during Tuesday’s game against the Jazz.


This isn’t the first blast-off we’ve seen from the young Canadian. It was sort of his bread and butter back at Kansas.

This guy lives above the rim.

Unfortunately for Andrew, that yam didn’t affect the games outcome: The T-Wolves fell to the Jazz, 100-94.

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