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Anderson Cooper Can’t Hide Contempt For Piers Morgan

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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CNN’s Anderson Cooper was hardly feeling generous on New Year’s Eve about his former colleague Piers Morgan. As comedian Kathy Griffin peppered Cooper with ridicule throughout the evening, Cooper threw dirt on Morgan for now being a nobody. He was prompted by Griffin, who told him that Morgan ruined a picture she’d taken with Sidney Poitier by inserting his hand into the image.

“I hope he gets a job,” cracked Cooper when Morgan’s name popped up in conversation. “I hope he gets gainful employment.”

CNN and Morgan officially parted ways in the fall of 2014. Six months before that, the network canceled his show, but he stayed on to do God knows what while corporate heads shit on him some more. Morgan is now U.S. editor-at-large for Daily Mail, among the largest newspapers in the world. So that probably qualifies as “gainful employment.”

Cooper has reason to tweak Morgan, who complained that if he’d had a better lead in — that’d be Cooper — he might have fared better in the ratings.

As Griffin bantered on about Morgan, making fun of him for not knowing the price of a quart of milk and swiping red and blue die in his silky white locks, Cooper’s ridicule of Morgan intensified. “I don’t think anyone cares what he does,” said Cooper, sounding like a 7th grade schoolgirl. “This is the most air time he’s gotten. You’re making his year.”


Thinking Morgan might lash back at Cooper on Twitter was a fair assumption.

But…nothing. Morgan was mum on his former trash talking coworker.