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Oh Isn’t That Cute? It’s Sarah Palin’s Son Standing On The Family Dog

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger

There seems to be some universal rule that people are never to write about a politician’s children. (Think Elizabeth Lauten, who recently resigned her press secretary post after ridiculing President Obama‘s daughters in a turkey pardoning ceremony.) But considering former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is no longer a politician or a candidate for anything, let’s have at it!

Palin took to Facebook on New Year’s Day to post pictures of her 6-year-old son, Trig, standing atop the family dog. Trig, who has Down syndrome, stood on the dog’s back to raise himself to the sink so he could wash dishes. Some online not only do not think this was smart, but that Palin is being a total idiot with the post and for allowing it instead of finding him, perhaps, a step stool.

Media outlets like The Daily Dot, which appears to have broken the news around the same time as TheBlaze, aren’t taking kindly to an act that could possibly injure the animal.  They called it an “alarming New Year’s greeting.” They also cracked, “Here’s hoping ‘humans standing on animals, possibly injuring them’ isn’t a big theme for its 2015 season.” Mediaite said Palin drew 2015’s first outrage. Daily Mail called her “under fire” for her post.

To be fair, Trig doesn’t appear to be hurting the dog as he looks like he can withstand the child’s light weight. But all in all, not the brightest move on Palin’s part. Then again, she’s done far stupider things than this.

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