Wait, What? Feminists Are Angry Oregon Players Called Out An Accused Rapist [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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In the first ever College Football Playoff game, last year’s national champions Florida State Seminoles lost in an embarrassing 59-20 rout to the Oregon Ducks. In one last dig against FSU quarterback and accused (and covered-up) rapist Jamies Winston, a handful of Oregon players chanted “No means no” to the tune of the Seminoles’ “Tomahawk Chop.” (VIDEO: Oregon Proves They Are A Physical Team With Blowout Rose Bowl Victory)

Calling out a rapist who escaped justice, using a common anti-rape slogan? Feminists must have been delighted! Except no, they weren’t for some reason. Take ESPN’s Jemele Hill:

When called out, Hill simply refused to explain what she disliked about the chant.

It’s worth noting that she seemed to find jokes about Penn State during it’s child rape scandal hilarious.


Meanwhile, Jezebel’s Anna Merlan — best known for getting the Rolling Stone UVa story hilariously, embarrassingly wrong — is also angry at the Oregon players.

“Some Ducks defenders argued that the players were just loudly, vigorously stating their support for sexual consent,” she sniffs. “No, seriously, people said that…” (RELATED: Jezebel Writer Believes Only Women Can Be Crime Victims And It Must Be Rape)

“These dudes were gloating, and they used an anti-rape chant to do it,” she continues, “This is what trivializing sexual assault looks like, just in case we needed yet another reminder.”

Ironically, the biggest push-back Merlan got was in the comments section, where most of the comments support the Ducks players. “Why is it bad that the team and the fans are openly condemning rape?” asks one. “Isn’t this exactly what jezebel [sic] has been crusading for? Campus wide support for the victim and campus wide condemnation of the rapist?”

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