Anti-Police Progressives: No Justice, No Brunch…Or Something

Derek Hunter Contributor
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As anti-police protests peter out across the country, progressive activists are becoming increasingly desperate to maintain what they saw as momentum for their cause. But, as is the case with any dying movement, when the larger crowds dwindle, the only people left are the extremists and radicals who have no appeal to anyone outside of their fellow radicals.

A handful of these radicals took to the restaurants of New York City Sunday morning to demand…attention. The attention they got they didn’t much care for.

On Twitter under the hashtag “#BlackBrunchNYC,” they “stormed” eateries offering brunch and draw attention to themselves. Rather than inspire a nationwide movement, they inspired ridicule.

First came the “activism.”

Then came the ridicule.

The protesters didn’t seem to care for the comedy they inspired.