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British Author: Americans Need To Quit Consuming Liberty And Start Preserving It [VIDEO]

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For Os Guinness, the author of “A Free People’s Suicide,” too few Americans have really considered the founders’ “daring vision” for how to sustain freedom over the long haul.

As a Brit living in the U.S. for some 30 years, he says “America is adrift,” and is on the brink of “squandering its great heritage” and “becoming less free.”

Yet, we are at what he calls in this exclusive Daily Caller interview, an “extraordinary hinge moment” of likely western decline, needing more citizens to stand up for what’s right before we fall.

Guinness calls for a “Jewish/Christian Grand Vision” that embraces humanity, freedom, dignity and community to counter the radical “no givens, no rules and no limits” path progressives are leading America down. The liberal or progressive path leads to “psychological confusion, and worse still, civil chaos,” the author says.

The author ends this interview with an urgent call for statesmen and activists who have a sense of history.

Instead, he says we have ignorant leaders with myopia when it comes to knowing the past, the world or seeing the future. Few of those he asks when he speaks around the country can name such a leader, like the great Winston Churchill Guinness met as a teenager.

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