Chuck Todd: Hillary And Obama ‘Bonded’ Over Dislike Of Politics [VIDEO]

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Appearing on C-SPAN’s Book TV to promote his new book “The Stranger: Barack Obama In The White House,” Meet The Press host Chuck Todd was asked about relationship between President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. He believes it is “much closer than people realize.”

“I have the impression that they’re more alike, as politicians, than, for instance, Hillary and Bill are,” Todd said. “Because they both have come to politics as sort of the campaign side of it, the theatrics side of it, they both had to learn it. It’s not instinctual to them. Bill Clinton is instinctually a populist, in the best sense of the word. In the same way George W. Bush is a populist.”

“Even if their ideas are mainstream, not necessarily when we’re associating ‘populism’ with the tea party or the progressive left,” he continued.

“They go into a big room and they’re desperate to have everybody like them. For Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama it’s a learned — they don’t love that part of it,” he said. “They certainly like competing, but they don’t love that part of it. So they’ve bonded over that part of it in ways that the intrusiveness that politics has made to them intellectually, personally. So that’s where I say that they have bonded.”

[h/t Free Beacon]