Drunk Ole Miss Fan Gets $900 Uber Back To MS After Peach Bowl Blowout

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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If your New Year’s Day was anything like mine, it involved wondering “what the hell happened last night?”

The tension-riddled minutes between waking up and checking my bank account to see how much I actually spent at the bars was easily the worst part of my holiday, but I’ve never been this blind-sided by my drunk purchases.

According to Twitter user @ompowderblues, his Rebels-supporting cousin got popped with quite the expensive Uber on New Year’s Eve. The nameless fan took a trip down to Atlanta to watch Ole Miss take on Texas Christian University in the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, but once the TCU ass-kicking began, he decided to just take an Uber back to the hotel.

Unfortunately, the nameless fan was so drunk that he accidentally entered his home in MS as the final destination and woke up with some significantly lighter pockets.

Surge pricing strikes again.

This definitely sucks, but to be honest I think the guy kind of lucked out. I mean what would you rather do, watch lame duck-quarterback Bo Wallace blow another promising season or drop a grand taking an Uber back home?

Totally worth it (screenshot: Google Maps)

Totally worth it (screenshot: Google Maps)

Easy choice.

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