Guys: Here’s What You Should NEVER Say To Kate Upton

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent
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Been wondering how to stay on the “Sexiest Woman Alive’s” good side? (And let’s be honest, they’re all good.)

Well, Kate Upton has revealed exactly what guys should avoid if they’re trying to impress her, and the 22 year old said to keep from being drunk and cocky.

From Vogue:

“Every time I find something really gross I just remove myself from the situation, but anything said after alcohol probably shouldn’t be said,” Upton said.

how to date kate upton

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“Everyone gets a false sense of self and you just come across as cocky and rude. I’m not attracted to that.”

But let’s be honest, even if you aren’t cocky or rude, you probably won’t be dating Kate Upton anytime soon.

She is Kate Upton after all. (RELATED: Nude Photos Of Kate Upton Released In HUGE Leak)

Kate Upton named sexiest woman alive

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Good luck. (RELATED: Kate Upton Named Sexiest Woman Alive)

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