Lakers’ Ronnie Price Air Balled A Wide Open Dunk Attempt [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Imagine you’re nine-year NBA veteran Ronnie Price. You’ve just made a heads-up play resulting in a steal in Sunday’s game against the Pacers. All that’s between you and a highlight-reel, fast-break dunk is Indiana’s empty backcourt.

Easy two points, right?


The Lakers’ 2014 woes continue. (RELATED: Gee Whiz! Lakers’ Owner Caught Peeing Outside L.A. Club)

Before this flunk, Price’s tenure with Los Angeles has been pretty forgettable — except for that one time he threw a shoe at Andre Iguodala — so at least this gives Lakers fans something to remember him by.

In a shocking turn of events, L.A. actually won Sunday night. Kobe gave the Lakers an 88-87 lead with 12 seconds left, but I’m not sure they would’ve won if anyone other than Indy’s center Roy Hibbert had the final look.


That’s a low-percentage shot.

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