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Mia Love: Yeah, I Got Elected To Repeal Obamacare, And That’s What I’m Going To Do

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I already liked Mia Love before today. I was already glad she got elected. After watching the following, my Nov. 4 schadenfreude is back, with a double helping of “It sucks to be you, lefties.”

Here she is, being asked a direct question and giving a direct answer. In 2015 America. Did I mention I really like this lady?

I don’t know what’s better: the wounded incredulity in Democratic Party hack* Martha Raddatz’s voice at the very idea of repealing Obamacare, or Love’s calm, confident, matter-of-fact reaction.

Now it’s your turn, racists: Disagree with Mia Love. Tell her why she’s wrong. Tell her why it can’t be done. Tell her why the very idea is crazy and monstrous and whatever else you can spew out.

Make it as personal as you want, as wonky as you please, or some mix of the two. Either way, the only reason you oppose Mia Love is because of her race. Because you’re a bigot.

Your rules. Your turn. Begin.

(Hat tip: the great Tim Cavanaugh)

*Um, remember the 2012 VP debate? Yeah, that was Raddatz. But nice try.

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Jim Treacher