Mitch McConnell To GOP: Don’t Be ‘Scary’ Republicans

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told Republicans his biggest goal was to shed a “scary” Republican image in an interview with the Washington Post. (VIDEO: Mitch McConnell ‘Almost Certainly’ Endorsing Rand Paul In 2016)

“I don’t want the American people to think that if they add a Republican president to a Republican Congress, that’s going to be a scary outcome,” McConnell said in the interview, which took place before Christmas, but was released Sunday. “I want the American people to be comfortable with the fact that the Republican House and Senate is a responsible, right-of-center, governing majority.”

“There would be nothing frightening about adding a Republican president to that governing majority,” McConnell continued. “I think that’s the single best thing we can do, is to not mess up the playing field, if you will, for whoever the nominee ultimately is.” (RELATED: McConnell: Repealing Obamacare Could Be ‘Number One’ For New Senate)

McConnell is also telling Republican senators not to be concerned about getting primaried in 2016. “We will win all the primaries. We did it in ’14. We will do it in ’16.”

[h/t Washington Post]

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