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Quote of the Day:

“Search for ‘saudi king’ on Twitter and you’ll get to observe how unsourced rumors can spread uncritically and unchallenged.”

Andy Carvin, First Look Media.

Politico columnist doesn’t want spoilers for Downton Abbey

“I can’t watch new ‘Downton Abbey’ tonight because I haven’t finished binge-watching the old seasons. I fear I may never catch up. (No spoilers, please!)” — Politico columnist Roger Simon.


Journo goes running, thanks God for all he has 

“Went running on the beach this morning under the full moon & in the crisp cold. Life is fragile & beautiful. Thanking God for all I have.” — Joel Pollak, editor of Breitbart California.

Media Matters writer strays from Fox News, takes a chance on Veep  

“Finally watching Veep. What was I doing the last three years??” — Chance Seales, writer, Media Matters, an activist publication for the Democratic Party.

Ron Fournier turns down presumed Twitter fight about labor supply (yaaawwwnnn

(Schumann is anti-government; Fournier is a serial tweeter for National Journal.)

DAVID SCHUMANN: “Clearly the answer is to increase the labor supply right Ron?”

RON FOURNIER: “Clearly, you want a fight? Not here.”

DAVID SCHUMANN: “No I certainly don’t. Despite the cruel things you say about people that care about the labor supply.”

Piers Morgan hated Birdman 

“Ecstatic reviews in most UK papers today for #Birdman – a film that is unwatchable, self-indulgent bilge. Don’t waste your money on it.” — Piers Morgan, Daily Mail editor-at-large and arch nemesis to CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Parenting confessional.

“Mixed Emotions: Six year old daughter woke me up early this morning to help her do her math homework due tomorrow.” — Americans for Tax Reform Prez Grover Norquist.

Overheard in the Newsroom

“I’m the Matthew Boyle of 2015.” — Anonymous. (Overhear something juicy, funny or weird in your newsroom? Tell me about it at

Just a minor warning…

“I won’t be click-baited.” — Josiah Daniel Ryan, breaking news editor, TheBlaze.


“Just finished my first commercial video project designed to be shown at movie theaters. Neato!” — former Breitbartian and filmmaker Lee Stranahan.