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“Basically all pop songs I hear now make me want to sit the singer down and have a talk about what makes a healthy relationship. #old”’s 30-year-old editor-in-chief Ezra Klein.

A horny Monday at The Daily Beast

“And so it will be that not one but two @thedailybeast tweets today will include the word ‘horny.'” — The Daily Beast‘s Asawin Suebsaeng.

ANNOUNCEMENT: ABC’s “The Bachelor” has a news producer from Fox News’ Washington Bureau. On Monday night she showed off her biceps and trash talked some fellow contestants. She also got invited back in the rose ceremony. See who she is and what she looks like.

Look who’s missing Downton Abbey and why

“Skipping last season of Downton Abbey. Feel too much like Republicans. Will, however, tune in to American Idol until down to 24.” — author Terry McMillan.


“I don’t think I’ve ever been stoned enough to comprehend ‘a horse with no name.'” — The Daily Beast‘s Olivia Nuzzi.

Reporter learns to edit her stories

“When I first started writing, I could never edit down my articles. That’s one thing working at @AmericaRising has really helped me improve.” — Shoshana Weissmann, America Rising.

Journo complains about having to watch ‘The Bachelor’

“Boyfriends enduring the bachelor dot Twitter dot com.” — Washington Examiner‘s Justin Green.

And another complains that it still exists…

“How shit that abomination The Bachelor is still on?” — BuzzFeed Washington Bureau Chief John Stanton.

Why is Dave Weigel shaking his damn head? 

“I’m all for the Death of Voicemail, but people who call from blocked/unknown numbers and don’t leave VM? SMDH.” — Bloomberg Politics reporter Dave Weigel. SMDH=Shaking My Damn Head.

Story idea for a local news reporter

“I’d love to see a Fox Five DC feature on toll skipping assholes where they explain how they missed those gigantic EZ Pass signs.” — Jim Swift, assistant editor, The Weekly Standard.

Journo Love

“I do love digging into a @GlennThrush magazine story on a snowy morning, or really any morning.” — Amy Chozick, NYT. The story she’s referring to is this one.

BuzzFeed does and doesn’t do snow in D.C. 

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 9.49.27 AMB6qwLkNIUAIGP-Q

“The White House draped in… white.” — NBC News National Correspondent Peter Alexander.