Wealthy, Pampered White Woman Whines About Having To Wait To Use The Bathroom

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Are you a woman? Do you have to pee sometimes? Have you ever waited in a line because you needed to pee?

If so, you are a tragic victim of sexism and male-dominated society.

That’s the argument from sad, angry feminist Soraya Chemaly in the cyber-pages of TIME.

Also, TIME is somehow still around.

“Long lines for women’s restrooms are the result of a history that favors men’s bodies,” Chemaly complains in a lament that amazingly stretches for over 1,000 words.

“Why do we put up with this? This isn’t a minor pet peeve, but a serious question,” she insists. “Despite years of ‘potty parity’ laws, women are still forced to stand in lines at malls, schools, stadiums, concerts, fair grounds, theme parks, and other crowded public spaces. This is frustrating, uncomfortable, and, in some circumstances, humiliating. It’s also a form of discrimination, as it disproportionately affects women.”

To her credit, the fancypants Georgetown graduate is able to identify the problem: Women spend too damn long in the bathroom.

She also notes that women menstruate while men do not and that women frequently sit down to pee. And she asserts that women urinate more than men.

Demonstrating that she has spent way too little time in the disgusting, urine-covered men’s restrooms of America, Chemaly whines that “many public restrooms continue to be facilities that are equal in physical space, while favoring men’s bodies, experiences, and needs.”

After suggesting that tampons should be free for everybody, Chemaly demands that America must convert to single-stall bathrooms “that can be used by everyone, such as airplane bathrooms and family/handicapped facilities are the most space and time efficient, and least discriminatory.”

Until that happens, Chemaly will keep bellyaching, it seems.

“We’re standing in line because our bodies, like those of trans and queer people, have been historically shamed, ignored, and deemed unworthy of care and acknowledgement,” she fumes. “We shouldn’t have to wait or postpone having these needs fairly met in public space.”

Chemaly’s alma mater, Georgetown, is a fancypants school where one year of tuition, mandatory fees and room and board costs about $61,000 (around $7,000 more than America’s median household income of $53,891).

Chemaly appears to be a very fervid user of Facebook. Her many, many, many Facebook likes include “Doodle Your Down There” (a coloring book “focusing on genital awareness”), NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado, the Zinn Education Project (dedicated to far-left socialist Howard Zinn), Code Pink, Clinton-Warren 2016, The Occupied Wall Street Journal and the highfalutin Sidwell Friends School.

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