Wheely Dangerous! Someone Is Loosening Lug Nuts On NYPD Cop Cars

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NEW YORK — Now someone is tampering with the lug nuts of NYPD police vehicles.

The NYPD sent out a memo to all commands Tuesday night warning law enforcement personnel that they should check to see whether their personal and department vehicles have been tampered with.

Station house security will “pay special attention to areas where members of the department park their own vehicles as well as the department’s automobiles,” the memo said.

According to the memo, lug nuts were loosened from both personal and department owned vehicles “while parked in the vicinity of a department facility.”

Station house security has been directed to watch for unauthorized persons lingering about these areas as well as detain and question any person who is found to have tools that would facilitate the removal of car lug nuts.

Additionally, police officers have been urged to check their cars’ lug nuts before operating the vehicles, regardless of where they plan to start the vehicle.

See the memo:

NYPD memo warns of lug nut tampering. (Obtained by The Daily Caller)

NYPD memo warns of lug nut tampering. (Obtained by The Daily Caller)

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