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Larry King Likes Pot Before Sex

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Online talk show host Larry King is not someone I like to imagine having sex.

But a podcast interview with former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura makes that visual impossible to avoid as King shares that he smoked pot in the  80s and that it was a “great aphrodisiac.”

King, now on his eighth marriage (if you count the one that was annulled), appears to have had a lot of sexual partners. He is married to Shawn Southwick. They reportedly have a “semi-open” marriage.

He told Ventura, “I guess I smoked weed in the mid-80s, about five or six or seven times.  I enjoyed it. I found it a great aphrodisiac. It was much better than liquor; I never liked liquor much. I like a little wine, but I enjoyed pot. … I smoked with my doctor. He got great stuff from Jamaica.” [RELATED: See King get a contact high from Snoop]

Larry says the darndest things (if  you haven’t seen his Twitter feed, you haven’t lived). He marvels at the Internet, but grouses that people don’t talk to each other anymore. “It’s all a mumbo jumbo anymore,” he tells his friend “Jess.”

The Internet was a complete — and from the sounds of it, terrible — surprise to him. “I never saw cable coming, I never saw the Internet — who knew? I don’t even know what the Internet is,” he told his friend “Jess.”

He told Ventura that he had dinner with three friends last week and felt like he was alone because they were fixated on their gadgets. “It’s sad…it’s a worldwide obsession,” he said. “It’s a disease and I don’t think it’s helpful.”

Getting back to sex, Ventura asks which president he’d model himself after should he be elected to the highest office in the land. He laughs and replies, “Well, I like women, so it would be Bill Clinton.”