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Quote of the Day:

“Working late. Just ordered out. Would rather be eating your pudding.”

— CBS 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft to his mistress, as originally reported by the National Enquirer and subsequently the New York Post.

Jake Tapper lets Twitter follower have it over unpublished cartoons

TAPPER (on his Tumblr): “I attended a cool alternative non-denominational private grade school in the 1970s/early 80s called The Philadelphia School.”

RENOWN2U: “@jaketapper Show us the #CharlieHebdo cartoons, or STFU, Mr Alternative Private School.”

TAPPER: “@RENOWN2U we’re all super-impressed with your courage, anonymous person on twitter.”

 Travel Bitches 

“New one. Flight delayed because not enough water on plane (to flush toilets, etc.) and no water truck can be found to fill us up.” — Mark Horowitz, formerly of NYT and and New York Mag.

Patrick Howley on the Bill Cosby debacle: “The left shows its view on women by showing accusers with more credibility and respect than Phylicia Rashad who’s been a symbol of strong womanhood for years. She has a little more credibility than Gloria Allred, who dug up prostitutes and models and drags them out for press conferences. The media shows how it views women by treating the latter with more respect than the former.” — Howley, The Daily Caller.

Journo lays down law for her kids eating cookies for breakfast 

“Overheard in my living room: When you’re grown up and pregnant you can have cookies for breakfast. Until then, eat your Cheerios. #meanmom” — Bethany Mandel, freelancer, Heritage, Commentary.

Author gets hacked

“Could some tech-savvy person please explain how I can send an apology to everyone my email just spammed? #old” — author Jennifer Weiner.

GOP operative hears from dog on weather

“Dog to me, during walk tonight: WHY? COLD! PAWS! WHAT DAY IS IT? COLD!” — Rory Cooper, managing director, Purple Strategies.

The Observer 

“What I need is more Hot Takes about Charlie Hebdo’s racism from people who hadn’t heard of the paper before this morning.” — Reason editor-in-chief Matt Welch.


#JeSuisCharlie Amazing moment tonight at the #NewseumScott Williams, self-described “communicator” in D.C. last night.

What in the hell, Montel? 

“Another night, another cold hotel room. Granted a very nice hotel room :)” — ex-talk show host Montel Williams’ spokesman Jonathan Franks.

It’s f–king cold out there! 


 “Frozen over.” — National Review‘s John J. Miller.