Bill Donohue Doubles-Down: Dead Cartoonists Were ‘Pornographers,’ Not ‘Satirists’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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A day after being taken to the woodshed by Hugh Hewitt, the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue doubled-down on his claim that “narcissistic” Charlie Hebdo editor Stephane Charbonnier was responsible for his own death in Paris Wednesday.

In an interview with NewsmaxTV’s Steve Malzberg, Donohue echoed his prior sentiments, calling the cartoonists “pornographers” rather than actual satirists. (RELATED: Hugh Hewitt DESTROYS Catholic League’s Bill Donohue: ‘You Blamed The Victim!’)

“Do you believe that the cartoonist — who said in effect, ‘I’m not Islamic, so I don’t care what I say about the Prophet,’ do you believe that he played a role in his own death?” Malzberg asked.

“What he actually said is that ‘Muhammad is not sacred to me’ He’s not sacred to me either, I’m a Catholic, but I don’t go around insulting Muslims intentionally by thrashing the Prophet. They do it and they do it all the time, and they’ve been warned about it,” Donohue responded.

“They are pornographers who disguise themselves as satirists,” said Donohue. “Does it justify the barbarism on the part of Muslims? Of course it doesn’t.”

“Couldn’t there be some degree of restraint exercised by people in the artistic community, both in the United States and abroad? And wouldn’t that make for a more civil society?” Donohue asked.

“I don’t mind edginess. I don’t even mind irreverence. I do have a problem with toilet speech. When you show pictures of religious figures having anal sex, that has crossed the line…that’s not edgy, that’s filth,” Donohue said. “When I say it should stop, do I want the government to stop them? No I don’t, that’s the wrong remedy.”

“I’m not going to run from it,” Donohue told Malzberg. “Had he exercised restraint, he wouldn’t be dead.”

During Thursday’s interview with Hewitt, the conservative host told Donohue that he was “appalled” and “embarrassed” by the comments as a practicing Catholic.

“I’m urging you to rethink this,” Hewitt told Donohue, “You blamed the victim before his body was cold!”