Fox’s Shep Smith Embarrasses NY Times Reporter On Live TV [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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During Fox News’ live coverage of the France hostage situation, anchor Shepard Smith got snippy with a New York Times reporter who implied that Fox News was not being “careful” in its coverage.

“Steve, what can you tell us about this warning from the authorities there of a possible second Western attack to come?” he asked the Times’ London bureau chief Steve Erlanger.

“Well,” he responded, “we need to be careful in the moments after…”

“Yeah, you don’t have to tell me that,” Smith said dryly. (VIDEO: Shepard Smith Mocks Cable News’ Ebola Obsession)

“Well, that’s — I hope that’s true,” said Erlanger, before confirming that, yes, authorities were warning of a second attack on Western targets.

But later, Smith pressed him on that comment. “I’m very curious about– you said we need to be careful. On what matter did you think we were not careful, based on what you just said and we just reported, Mr. Erlanger?” (VIDEO: Shep Smith Slams Obama’s ‘Asinine,’ ‘Unbelievable’ Iraq Policy)

“I mean, frankly, I have not—I have not been listening very carefully,” Erlanger said apologetically.

“So you said that based on what?” Smith asked testily.

“Look, you asked me to come and talk to you,” Erlanger shot back, “I’m telling you what I think I know.”

“What you told me was that you thought we needed to be careful, and what I can report to you, sir, is that we’re being very careful,” Smith countered, before dropping the interview entirely and cutting to Fox News White House correspondent Ed Henry.

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