NBC Analyst: France’s Problem Is The Far-Right, Not Jihadists [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Reacting to news that the nationalist French party National Front was being left out French unity rallies, NBC terrorism analyst Evan Kohlmann said on MSNBC that France’s far-right was as much a problem as jihadis. (VIDEO: MSNBC Guest: ‘We Have To Respect Islam’)

“Their propaganda is openly racist, it’s openly prejudice, it’s openly hateful to minorities across France,” he ranted. “The National Front has absolutely no business being in the European Parliament, no business being in the French parliament, they have no business running a presidential election, and they have no business being at this national unity rally.”

“They are as much of the problem as jihadists are,” Kohlmann said, over images of Paris police in an armed stand-off with jihadists. “And there are many more National Front supporters than jihadists in France. That’s the problem.” (RELATED: A Dozen Parisians Dead: RADICAL MUSLIMS Hit Hardest, Says New York Times)

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