Washington Post Columnist Says Paris-Style Terrorist Attack In U.S. Would Be Worse Because Of Guns [VIDEO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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It’s a good thing there aren’t many terrorists in the U.S. — but not because it’s generally good to have a country free of violent extremists, but because those same radicals would have plenty of weapons at their disposal in this gun-loving country.

That is the strange argument Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson offered up on Friday during an MSNBC panel discussion about the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

“Just to keep it in perspective,” Robinson told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, “I don’t think we should imagine that the conditions and the threat are exactly the same in the United States as they are in France. They are different.”

“In fact, one thing that’s different here is that weapons are universally available and so it is actually a very good thing that the tensions are not exactly the same because we would expect to have a lot more of that sort of carnage.”

Two al Qaida-affiliated terrorists — Cherif and Said Kouachi — murdered 12 people Wednesday as retribution for a recent cartoon published in Charlie Hebdo satirizing Muhammad. The Kouachis used AK-47s in the attack and killed 10 journalists and two police officers. They were shot dead following a stand-off with police on Friday.


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