German Paper Firebombed After Publishing Charlie Hebdo Cartoons

Scott Greer Contributor
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Arsonists targeted a Hamburg, Germany newspaper that republished Charlie Hebdo cartoons early Sunday, damaging the paper’s archive but leaving no one injured.

Police have arrested two men suspected of torching the building of the Hamburger Morgenpost after apprehending them near the scene of the crime, the Associated Press reports.

A spokeswoman for the Hamburg police told the AP that a Molotov cocktail and several stones were found in the basement of the Morgenpost. She would not reveal any details about the suspects or what were the motives for the attack.

Several other German outlets that also republished the cartoons are receiving police protection after the arson strike.

The cartoons caricaturing Muhammad and other aspects of Islam angered many Muslims and are considered the impetus for the brutal terrorist attacks that struck Paris this week. After the deadly assault on the offices of Charlie Hebdo that killed 12 people, many outlets refused to republish the cartoons either because of security concerns or worries they would offend their audience.

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