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Why Sen. Sessions Got This Freshman Congressman’s Vote For House Speaker

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Denying any part in an organized coup against House Speaker John Boehner, the newest Alabama congressman, Gary Palmer, told Boehner last September he would not vote for him if elected.

Quite simply, Palmer was just keeping his campaign pledge last week when on the opening day, he was one of 25 Republicans who voted against Boehner for Speaker. “If the first thing I did when I got up here was to break my word to the voters, and violate that trust, not only would I lose their confidence, but I would lose his,” he explains in this exclusive video interview with The Daily Caller.

Demonstrating he was a man of his word, he then asked for two prime committee assignments, Palmer said.

Instead of Boehner, Palmer’s choice for Speaker last week was his dear friend, Sen. Jeff Sessions, who Palmer describes as “a patriot, honor bound, one of the most principled people I have ever met.” Congressman Palmer felt Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions “got a raw deal in the Senate by being denied the chairmanship of the [Senate] Budget Committee” in a surprising post-election challenge. Now with Palmer’s help, Sessions’ “name will go down in history.”

If voting against the Speaker does not ensure Palmer’s ideas will be buried, this new Alabama representative has the temperament, experience and savvy to help a Republican Congress navigate this nation away from its path of decline with excessive government.

With 24 years of experience heading a state-based public policy think tank, the Alabama Policy Institute, Palmer understands the policies that have taken America off course, as well as better solutions for Obamacare, regulatory overreach and more.

Palmer says the most important thing the new Congress must address is the “constitutional crisis” President Obama has put us in, and the president’s abuse of executive power in commandeering the legislative power set forth in the Constitution. Citing a significant and under-reported Thanksgiving executive order on ozone restrictions issued by Obama, Palmer is committed to ensuring this Congress brings President Obama back to operating within his proper authority.

Admitting that he’s “had a few cold shoulders” since his vote against Speaker Boehner, Palmer hopes the Speaker won’t be punitive, but he also thinks the complaints will now be heard. Unity can be achieved, he thinks, behind an agenda that gets the country back on track.

In this video interview, he also discusses policy ideas, his vote against the Speaker, how his wife convinced him to run for Congress and his biggest surprise since arriving.

Gary Palmer has been appointed to serve on three committees: Oversight and Government Reform, Budget, and Space, Science and Technology.

Find out more about Rep. Palmer at his website, his Facebook page or on Twitter.

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