Chris Matthews On Mitt Romney: ‘What A Candy-Ass!’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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MSNBC host Chris Matthews responded on “Hardball with Chris Matthews” Monday to the news that Mitt Romney was considering a third run for the presidency by calling Romney a “candy-ass” running on his “daddy’s” legacy.

“Take a look at this,” he said. “An unnamed adviser for Mitt Romney told Buzzfeed, ‘Romney is not going to be intimidated by Bill Clinton sitting in the front row of a debate looking at him.’ This is the part that’s so legacy, ‘His dad ran for president. He’s run before.'” (VIDEO: Chris Matthews: Tea Party Republicans ‘Aren’t That Different’ From David Duke)

“What a candy-ass!” Matthews remarked. “Why would a guy say Mitt Romney can stand up to Bill Clinton because his daddy ran? His daddy lasted three weeks in that race before he dropped out after he said he was brainwashed. He didn’t run for president!”

Unsurprisingly, Matthews is completely wrong. George Romney saw a dip in the polls after he claimed he was “brainwashed” into supporting the Vietnam War in August of 1967, but remained in the race until February of the next year.

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