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NYT’s David Brooks: Those Charlie Hebdo Guys Were Slaughtered At The Kiddie Table

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Not only is David Brooks of the venerable New York Times better than you, he’s better than a bunch of people who were executed by Islamic terrorists specifically for exercising their right to free speech.

Here’s the tedious scold on Meet the Press yesterday, courtesy of Newsbusters:

Putting aside Brooks’ argument — yes, huge news flash, American college campuses are insanely overpriced roach-motels for free speech — he just took a big, steaming shit on a bunch of people who literally died for his right to condescend to them.

Ann Coulter can defend herself quite ably. If this pompous jerk wants to start a feud with her over the cooling corpses of these terrorist murder victims, he can clickbait away. And it’s certainly magnanimous of him to admit that a tiny group of French cartoonists should be allowed to draw pictures of whatever they want without being butchered for it.

But… “kiddie table”? Have these people even had funerals yet? Has he seen the pictures of the Charlie Hebdo offices?

“Kiddie table”?

Hi, David. I know this will show up in your Google Alert, so I’d like to respond with a direct quote from your comrade Dean Baquet:


(Hat tip: Ed Driscoll)


P.P.S. The NYT still hasn’t explained this other bit of nonsense about Charlie Hebdo, beyond “oh, trust us.” It’s like they still think they’re gatekeepers or something.