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Gay People Liked Rump Roast First, BuzzFeed Says

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Since when does BuzzFeed have the mentality of Hustler Magazine?

In an extremely important story today, BuzzFeed puts straight people on notice about eating ass. They insist it was gays who started this beautiful trend. Not straight people, who appear to be appropriating the act.

The headline screams everything you need to know about their big point:

“Dear Straight People, We Ate Ass First!”

What does the site’s editor-in-chief Ben Smith think about eating ass or covering the phenomenon for that matter? Did he personally approve this listicle? (We asked, but he didn’t feel the need to get back to us on it.)

Seriously — is this a joke?

This is their lede:

“First Khia popped her pussy like this, and I did not speak out — because Khia is iconic.”

This story is NSFW: Read at your own risk here. Be forewarned there are big ass pictures (no pun intended).

Later on, they include a pornographic scene from HBO’s Girls in which Allison Williams gets her rump roasted, so to speak, by a man.

Those damn straight people. According to BuzzFeed, heteros ruin everything.

“We ate ass first,” declares a group of men in what is by far the grossest listicle we’ve seen out of BuzzFeed in a long, long time.

Question: Is this what they mean by diversity in the newsroom?