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Trump, Journalists Ridicule Romney Re-Run

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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What is it about men and their revulsion with women who won’t close the bathroom door? And what kind of a woman doesn’t shut the bathroom door when relieving herself?

Whatever the case, WaPo political guru Chris Cillizza apparently used to date a woman who either chewed with her mouth wide open or failed to shut the aforementioned door. In a Sunday column, he equated his former dating life as a single man to Mitt Romney trying to run for for president – again. And what an utter disaster that would be.

Cillizza writes that getting back together with an ex-girlfriend never works because you eventually re-experience what caused the breakup in the first place. “Hopefully you are more serious and less superficial than I was when I was single,” writes Cillizza, mentioning eating and bathroom habits.

Here’s how he explains his metaphor. “If Romney reversed course and decided to run in 2016, here’s what would happen,” he writes. “The public would start to remember that he was the 47 percent guy. The guy with the money coming out of his suit. The guy with the car elevator. The guy they dated and decided not to stay with four years ago.”

Cillizza isn’t the only journalist saying it’s a no-go for Romney and not a serious declaration to run.

WaPo colleague Ed O’Keefe appeared on MSNBC today. He, too, doubted the seriousness of a Romney re-run.

“This is to slow the momentum of Jeb Bush,” said O’Keefe. “He’s clearly eager to at least think about this again. By announcing it now, he’s just signaling to people [donors, etc…]. It’s just that Romney gives people a lot of pause. Clearly designed to float his name.”

Many outlets are just reporting the news straight — that Romney is considering another bid. But NBC News senior political director Mark Murray wrote on Twitter, “What Friday’s Romney news doesn’t mean: — that he’s ultimately going to launch a 3rd presidential bid.” Bloomberg Politics editor Mark Halperin cracked, It isn’t a real Xmas in the Romney household, apparently, unless there’s a family vote on whether Mitt Romney should run for president.” And TV One’s Roland Martin remarked, “Mitt Romney really desires to be the Adlai Stevenson of the 21st century, huh? Don’t know Adlai, Google him. He liked losing.”

Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Monday to discuss “The Apprentice” as well as his own possible presidential aspirations was Trump, who put things in harsher terms for Romney.

“He had a great chance of winning and he blew it,” said Trump. “He’s like a dealmaker that couldn’t close the deal. So you just can’t give him another chance.”

Trump, who cited his heavy schedule on “The Apprentice” among reasons why he didn’t run in the past, says he’ll take the next three months to decide whether or not he’ll throw his hair into the ring.