‘Old Man’ Lou Holtz Forgot How To Use Microphone On Live Television [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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There’s no getting around it; Lou Holtz is really, really, REALLY old.

The 78-year old college football analyst is known just as much for his on-camera gaffes as he is for his legendary coaching career. However, Holtz’s bone-headed move on ESPN’s Monday morning, pre-National Championship coverage might be his worst yet.


Rule #1 of Sports Broadcasting: SPEAK INTO THE FREAKIN’ MICROPHONE, LOU! Thank God Jesse Palmer was there to save the day.

Look, I appreciate everything Lou Holtz has done for the game of football, but enough is enough. The fact that no one other than you was surprised a South Carolina-Notre Dame national championship didn’t happen is evidence of the changing times.

Before long, much of the college football audience will have literally no recollection of your accomplishments on the sidelines and think of you as only that crazy, old guy spouting nonsense at Mark May.


There’s no shame in hanging ’em up, Mr. Holtz. It’s time to pass the torch.

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