State Department Spox Lashes Out At Reporters For Paris March Questions [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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State Department deputy spokesperson Marie Harf got rather testy during the daily State Department briefing, chastising reporters for asking questions about the lack of high-ranking administration officials at the Paris solidarity march.

“Are you going to ask about Boko Haram?” Harf asked, when a reporter mentioned he had questions about Africa. (VIDEO: Reporters Mock State Department Spokesman For Benghazi Spin)

“I was going to ask about that, that was one of my two items,” he confirmed.

“I would like to see how many minutes we spend on Boko Haram compared to a march, I just want to point that out to people,” she said. (VIDEO: White House On Paris March: We ‘Should Have Sent’ Official With Higher Profile)

As a reporter began to cry in protest, Harf responded: “I know, I know. I’m just pointing it out. Making a little commentary there.”

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