White House Struggles To Explain Obama Skipping Paris Liberty March [VIDEO]

Derek Hunter Contributor
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The absence of any senior U.S. officials at Sunday’s Paris rally against terrorism and in support of free speech has the White House struggling to explain itself.

The president and vice president had nothing on their public schedules, yet did not attend. The secretary of state was at a conference in India and decided he’d stay there. The attorney general was actually in Paris Sunday meeting with high-ranking officials on the subject of terrorism, but skipped the rally to appear on “Meet the Press”.

CBS News reports there “no formal invitations,” yet more than 40 world leaders and dignitaries managed to get there and show their support for the concepts that set western civilization apart from goals of Islamic terrorists.

Another reason cited for President Obama’s absence is that his security would have “significantly interfered” with the rally, but didn’t mention how the event managed to go off with the security details of 40 world leaders there.

Watch the CBS News report:

[h/t Free Beacon]