Elizabeth Warren: I Am Not Going To Run For President In 2016

Al Weaver Reporter
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Cue the outcry for the progressive left.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren made it clear that she will not be seeking the 2016 Democratic nomination during an interview with Fortune Magazine, which was released Tuesday morning.

When asked by Fortune’s Sheila Bair if she is “going to run for President,” Warren flatly responded “no.”

This comes nearly a month after she told NPR’s Steve Inskeep “I am not running for president” three separate times when pressed about a potential 2016 run during.

Warren’s comments mark a change in tone and tense for the Massachusetts senator, who has become a darling to those on the far left, and viewed as a potential challenger to presumptive Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Warren was recently added to the Democratic leadership team in the Upper Chamber as a strategic adviser of the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee, a position that was created solely for her.