Russell Brand: Fox News And Paris Terrorists Are ‘Equally Damaging’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Out-of-work actor Russell Brand released a YouTube video Tuesday attacking Fox News host Jeanine Pirro for saying “we need to kill” radical Islamists, saying that Fox News is as bad as the Paris terrorists. (VIDEO: Surprise! Far-Left Comedian Russell Brand Also A 9/11 Truther)

“That’s the same energy, innit?” Brand said in the video, entitled “Charlie Hebdo: Does Fox News Terrorise Us?” “That’s the same energy as the murders. Judgement, hate, certainty in your own position, condemnation, the language of war.”

“She’s a least a little bit African-American,” he continued, despite the fact that Pirro actually Lebanese. “Do you not recognize that language? Do you not recognize the intonation?” (RELATED: Russell Brand asked Katy Perry for a divorce over text message)

“This person is prepared, the same as the terrorists, to cast aside human values…” Brand said. “What she’s doing, whilst it’s obviously not as violent or as gory or as terrible, it’s equally damaging, because it’s insidious and has great reach.”


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