Ladies: Enhance Your Sex Lives By Coating Your Lady Bits With Marijuana Juice

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Are you a woman? Do you seek better, more satisfying sex?

If so, a new spray product called Foria containing marijuana extract and coconut oil could help.

What you do is, you squirt a dash of Foria right onto your genitals 30 minutes or so before sex, reports USA Today, with a straight face.

Then, the magic of a proprietary marijuana blend takes over, increasing your arousal and improving your sexual experience. (Importantly, it’s also safe to consume.)

“Cannabis is an aphrodisiac,” Genifer Murray, CEO of a marijuana-testing firm called CannLabs, told USA Today. “And there’s a lot of nerves down there.”

Foria goes on sale to the general public in Colorado next week. For right now, it is only available in California. Purchasers must have a doctor’s recommendation and possess a medical marijuana card.

Also, you don’t just buy Foria. No, no. Instead, California buyers “donate” cash in exchange for Foria and sundry other marijuana goods including lotions, candles and patches.

The exact donation for a 10ml bottle of Foria is $44.

“We definitely have patients coming in for it, requesting it specifically,” Matthew Rosen of a Studio City, Calif. pot co-op called CannaSutra told the national newspaper.

“A-list celebrities that come in specifically for it,” he claimed. “You’d be surprised who comes in for it.”

Rosen added that user response has been generally positive. He and his girlfriend are among the happy users.

“We tried it together and she loved it,” Rosen declared.

A California medical marijuana cooperative called the Aphrodite Group created Foria. USA Today credits Aphrodite with using an unusually slick marketing campaign to spread the word about the product.

Foria will enter the already-crowded marijuana market in Colorado next week — starting in a small store in Aspen.

Colorado’s recreational marijuana stores are already selling various marijuana lotions which, their producers claim, will relax muscles and reduce pain. None of these items is specifically marketed toward female genitals, however.

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