Pat Buchanan: ‘No Doubt’ Charlie Hebdo Brought Attack Upon Themselves [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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One week after the brutal terror attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris, conservative commentator Pat Buchanan said that he does not support their cartoons that “insult the Prophet,” warning that those who do are “risking a real problem” for themselves. Buchanan added that he “would not march and say Je Suis Charlie” in support of the cartoonists, as millions did on Sunday in Paris.

Buchanan made the comments to NewsmaxTV host Steve Malzberg Wednesday afternoon.

“I do believe this: I’ve seen some of those cartoons which have not been published, and they are really foul and offensive,” Buchanan said, “and understandably outrage the Islamic community and the decent Muslims around France and around the world.”

“Given what’s happened since the Ayatollah put the fatwa out on Salmon Rushdie, you ought to realize if you’re going to insult the Prophet or write foul cartoons about him, you’re risking a real problem for yourself,” Buchanan said. “That’s just the real world.”

“If you ask me if I’m going to march in defense of a magazine that portrayed the three persons of the Blessed Trinity in a sodomite relationship in a huge cartoon and thought that cartoon was funny, then I’m not marching with them,” Buchanan told Malzberg. “I don’t say they should be shot and killed or that Muslims should shoot and kill them, but I thought that was disgusting, outrageous and offensive.”

“I would not march and say Je Suis Charlie on that. No!” Buchanan said.

“Do you believe that they brought on their own deaths in a way? Malzberg asked the former presidential candidate.

“There’s is no doubt about it, I think, that these two guys, these brothers, targeted them because of cartoons, realizing that the cartoons had profoundly offended decent Muslims in France and around the world,” Buchanan continued, “and that if they hit this target they would get some sympathy even from those who said you’ve got no right to murder people.”