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ABC Flacks Aren’t Saying Sh*t About Whether Rosie Perez Is Leaving ‘The View’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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It’s all a question of who do you believe most — Variety, NYP‘s Page Six, Us Weekly or big mouth Rosie O’Donnell?

In a battle of the gossip pages, all three pubs are reporting varying details about whether Rosie Perez is or isn’t leaving ABC’s “The View” after just four months. Rosie O’Donnell, however, is calling bullshit on the leaving rumor. On the show Thursday, she said she read the news and said, “What the fuck?” She declared the rumor untrue and said Perez is coming back.

Variety started the drama first by reporting Wednesday (in an EXCLUSIVE) that Perez was leaving to perform in Broadway’s Fish in the Dark,” and won’t be returning. They cited her inability to read a teleprompter among the reasons why things didn’t work out.

NYP‘s Page Six, meanwhile, this morning, countered with a story saying Perez is staying put.

Us Weekly split the difference and posed the question:

“Rosie Perez Leaving The View After Only Four Months? Find Out”

Except you won’t “find out” for sure in this story. You’ll see an ABC spokesman flatly denying that there is any change to her status on the show, as that unnamed source did in the Variety story as well as Page Six.

Variety isn’t backing down. There’s no correction. They’re sticking to their original report. Even the New York Daily News appears to believe Variety’s report. Its headline: “After four months, Rosie Perez is leaving ‘The View.'”

Noteworthy: Perez’s verified Twitter account bears zero mention of “The View.” On Tuesday, when a fan told her on Twitter that it’s time to come back, she utilized a smiley-faced emoticon and replied, “Very sweet … Soon.” Back on Jan. 6, when fans expressed dismay that she was leaving for a month, she replied, “Very sweet. Be back soon!”

Sorry, Rosie (O’Donnell). But our money is on Variety‘s report.