Gay Republicans Mistake Crasher Justin Bieber For ‘Butcher Version Of Miley Cyrus’

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Justin Bieber crashed a meeting of the Log Cabin Republicans at a West Hollywood gastropub earlier this week.

The gay Republican group didn’t realize the identity of their uninvited spoiled brat pop singer guest at first, the Daily Mail reports.

Instead, the attendees thought they were just seeing a “butcher version of Miley Cyrus.”

The story unfolded Monday evening at the State Social House, one of Bieber’s favorite Los Angeles haunts. When he saw his apparently Norm-on-Cheers-like seat there taken, he headed to a private area of the restaurant called the Attic.

It was in the Attic section that a group of Log Cabin Republicans was listening to a speech by Peggy Grande, Ronald Reagan’s former personal assistant.

“I went downstairs,” explained Ben Coleman, Los Angeles Log Cabin Republicans event chairman, “and someone I knew said, ‘Did you see Justin Bieber just went upstairs?'”

Coleman spoke about the incident on KABC, a Southern California AM radio station.

“I went back and looked around the corner and I saw the group and, literally, I didn’t see Justin Bieber. I just saw a bunch of girls,” he explained.

“I got a closer look and said, oh yeah that’s the Biebs, for sure. But he looked like a butcher version of Miley Cyrus.”

Coleman then did what anyone in that place and time would do: He tried to get a photo with himself, Bieber and Grande, President Reagan’s former assistant, under the Log Cabin Republicans banner at the restaurant.

Sadly, Bieber’s bodyguards refused the request.

“And they had guns. So that didn’t happen,” Coleman said. “Otherwise it was a dream come true.”

Bieber was most recently in the news for an advertising campaign for Calvin Klein jeans. After the topless model he posed with received death threats from his hysterical teenage fans, the original photos from the shoot surfaced. The images show that the 20-year-old wannabe bad boy needed a few touch-ups including added abs and some chest hair. (RELATED: PROOF: Justin Bieber Is The Immature Child We Thought He Was)

Bieber also allegedly used a wheelchair so he could cut in line at Disneyland last year. (RELATED: Justin Bieber Uses Wheelchair To Cut Kids At Disneyland)

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