Greg Gutfeld: ‘Cowering’ Establishment Suffers From ‘Truthophobia,’ Not Islamophobia [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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In his opening monologue, co-host of Fox News “The Five” Greg Gutfeld accused the “cowering establishment” of suffering from “truthophobia” — a fear of speaking the truth about radical Islam. (VIDEO: Gutfeld: Are Democrats ‘Willing To Risk A Race War’ For Political Gain?)

The impetus for the monologue was Bill Clinton’s comments that radical Islamists enjoy the “world’s greatest double standard” by demanding tolerance, while practicing intolerance. “Praise Allah!” Gutfeld said, “A leader speaks truth, saying publicly what wimps say privately. I would say ‘off with his head,’ but there are those that would take it seriously…”

He continued:

Of course his obvious point is a jarring departure from a cowering establishment, who deny the obvious in favor of the Big Lie. The lie– that it’s not religion, stupid– is based on grim assumptions of the West, that you and I are armed with pitchforks ready to chase innocent Muslims because of some bad apples…

The double standard Clinton exposes drives its survival. After intolerance makes one country inhospitable, it moves elsewhere, and we let it. It’s the one bag to check upon departure, and it spreads like a virus designed to erase its rivals.

And it’s real! Not like Islamophobia, that dying smear used against those who sound the alarm against evil. I call it truthophobia—a fear of the facts, as seething disciples accept violence as a path to nirvana, intimidating a fearful population of timid counterparts, accepted by a cowardly media.

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