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How To Defend Free Speech And BTW, Stop Trying To Sell Us On This Gun Control Crap

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By Colion Noir, NRA News

I sat at home in pure astonishment as I watched two cowards dressed in black execute a police officer, whose only option to protect his life was to beg for it, only to be executed anyway on the street like he was nothing.

But that’s not what astonished me the most. What astonished me the most was that all of this was caught on camera by people who lived and worked in the area. I could see them ducking and dodging out of sight for cover and concealment, shooting back with nothing more than camera phones. Because the way the gun laws work in France, there essentially is no Second Amendment.

Anti-gunners love to contrast America’s Second Amendment right against other countries’ lack thereof. They love painting this image of a gun-free utopia, where people completely entrust their lives with someone else. However, what I saw as I watched a group of men take complete control over a section of the city, were people becoming nothing more than witnesses to their own demise.

Then you have the usual moronic questions from clueless talking heads, wondering how these terrorists got their hands on AK-47s. It’s called the black market; it has existed since the beginning of laws, but somehow this concept escapes anti-gunners who would rather swim in their cesspool of naïveté instead of admit that there’s no law on the planet, in the universe, or in this realm of reality that will completely stop a bad person from getting a gun, and that by trying to make all guns illegal only deprives gun ownership from people willing to obey that law. All the while creating a victim rich environment for those who are hell bent on breaking said law.

It hurt my soul seeing people on rooftops with perfect vantage points relegated to recording iPhone worldstar videos instead of having guns to at least make an effort to stop them. No, instead, these psychopaths jazzercise their way back to their car completely unopposed like they were playing Grand Theft Auto, only to go on to kill more people.

However stateside, instead of acknowledging this unfortunate situation, anti-gunners mocked the idea of self-defense and self-reliance, which they forget are concepts this country was founded on, and say things like, “It’s ridiculous to think that someone could have used a gun to stop the terrorists.” Ironically, when word got out that there were sleeper cells that had been activated in France and officers were the potential target of said terrorist attacks, the first thing they tell those officers is to keep their weapons close while the citizens, who have been the subject of terrorist attacks from the word “go,” are expected to sit idly by and hope not to be killed.

I don’t understand how you can watch on live TV a group of men shoot 12 people in France, a gun control utopia, knowing that there are groups itching to commit the same carnage in the U.S. And you still think it’s a good idea to relegate my self-defense to a pistol with seven rounds while these guys are running around with AK-47s with 30 round magazines that they got on the black market like it’s Pirates Bay.

Stop trying to sell us on this gun control crap, because no one with a modicum of logic or common sense is buying it. It sickens me when I realize that these guys took advantage of France’s lack of a Second Amendment in order to attack their First. Just think about that while you’re running around America using your First Amendment right to insidiously attack our Second.

In case you haven’t noticed already, the Second protects the First, because the next time a bunch of terrorists decide they don’t like what you have to say, you better believe the only thing stopping them from killing you, won’t be your words, but the sound of someone exercising their Second Amendment right.

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