Some Boston ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protesters Refuse To Defend Their Actions [VIDEO]

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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Sometimes you just don’t feel like explaining why you are a scumbag.

On Thursday, protesters held up traffic in the Boston suburbs of Milton and Medford when they chained themselves to barrels and blocked traffic on I-93 during rush hour. The protest, conducted in support of the Black Lives Matter campaign, forced part of the highway to be closed down for hours, causing much frustration and forcing an ambulance with a seriously injured man to find another hospital, according to a local news account.

But when Boston’s WBZ-TV caught up with some of the protesters at their fancy homes around Boston, they didn’t seem too anxious to defend their behavior on camera. One protester even accused the WBZ-TV reporter of harassment.


The activists were far more willing to explain their actions in a press release.

“This diverse non-Black group of Pan-Asians, Latinos, and white people, some of whom are queer and transgender, took this action to confront white complacency in the systemic oppression of Black people in Boston,” the release read in part.

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